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Organize esport tournaments
and unite your community

Grow your involvement and manage everything through Duelist.gg


Manage your tournaments with convenience

Use our custom-built command center to manage and schedule your tournaments, organise roles and so much more.

Duelist GG Discord integration

The first in the industry to connect easily to Discord

We built our platform around Discord because that’s where gamers are. Players just need to connect their Discord account to Duelist.gg and that’s it! A seamless integration for a smooth user experience.

Create your own visual identity within the platform.

Further integrate your brand through our specialized tools. Discover new ways to spread your content and expand your brand!

Set up a shop with exclusive rewards

Our system allows for the usage of currency and XP points so you can rest easy. It’s child’s play to control and will bring a sense of accomplishment and satisfaction to your community.

Our Duelist team is always at the ready.

We are here to listen to your needs, feedback and to guide you through every step of your tournament platform creation process. Our expertise and knowledge is available at all times in several fields if you need any sort of assistance: Creative, technical, graphic, – name it, we have it.

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